Controlling Our Emotions

Not about the emotion itself, because all people get angry. Everyone does. It’s part and parcel of being human… or being alive. Things don’t go the way we want them to, and we’re angry about it. End of story. No, what has always awed and amazed me is how surprised people are when people get angry about something.  It’s as though we’re not allowed to be angry, or irritable, or whatever.  Guess what?  I’m entitled to my anger just as much as the next guy, and I will get angry about things. It’s my natural born right to get angry about things. And I might say things when I’m mad, because that’s what people do when they’re angry. And hey, guess what? It’s okay for you, dear reader, to get mad about that, because while me being mad might be a reason for shooting off at the mouth, it’s certainly not an excuse. And if someone wants to stay mad at me for ranting in a fit of anger, well… that’s on them. Because you know, I don’t get raging mad all that often, and I try (I really do) not to rant.  I usually mean what I say so I won’t apologize for it, but I will apologize for the way I said it. Because some things need to be said a bit more diplomatically. You know? ^_^

But what I’m saying is that anger in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s not the emotion that’s bad… It’s how people react to that emotion. What they do and say while they’re angry. Remember, anger isn’t one of the Seven Deadly Sins — Rage (or as it used to be called, wrath) is, and rage is different. Rage is when anger has reached the point where it’s all consuming and takes one’s mind away from the worship of God; hence a sin. Rage is when anger has become the focus of everything and the center of that rage (because you generally have to be angry at someone or something)  becomes the center of one’s world, displacing God’s place in one’s world, because that’s where the Christian god is supposed to be. That’s when anger becomes a bad emotion, when it takes up residence in one’s brain and doesn’t leave. It’s sad when it happens, but it does happen.

Anyway anger itself is not a bad thing. Anger, like fear and other “negative” emotions serves its purpose. The jury is still out according to books I’ve read about the subject as to whether it’s a biological (i.e.: instinctual) function or a sociological construct, but it does have its roots in our lizard brains. I mean, there’s so much we don’t know about our emotions, where they come from, why we have them what’s their purpose, &c… But I think they all do serve a purpose… even the “bad” ones. Otherwise we simply wouldn’t have them. What’s bad is the reaction to the negative emotions that some people have… That’s what gets us into trouble. We as a species get angry to protect our loved ones, to  defend our lives and property, &c… But we also get angry (because we’re an evolved species) over perceived slights that have nothing to do with protecting our lives, lands, or happiness. And that’s when things start to go downhill. People get so angry about something that is of no particular threat to them or anyone connected to them and they spread that anger like wildfire, and it becomes a mob affect. And like a wildfire, the anger burns hot and fast, but it burns out quickly  — all of those “angry” people will go back to living their lives completely unaffected by the thing they were so angry about — and leave nothing devastation in its path. I can think of five popular instances of this in the last year alone where this has happened. One in the past week. It’s sad.

But I still think that anger serves a useful purpose. Think about it, without the ability to get angry at situations, people, and things — from irritated to outraged (and I mean literally outraged, not the pseudo-outraged we see online these days) how would we as a species ever be able to stand up for ourselves?  Who would become leaders or heroes without a sense of “That’s not right, and I’m going to do something about it!” Again, in the true sense not the pseudo-twitter-rage that’s so prevalent these days. We need anger just as much as we need love, happiness, contentment, fear, sadness, &c… They all serve their purpose. And none of them are “good” nor “bad” emotions in and of themselves. It’s our reactions to those emotions when we feel them that give them the “positive” and “negative” connotations

As for me…

I’m always angry… 

I just realized that I started out with a completely different idea in mind and now the title doesn’t match the text… but it’s too late because I already hit the “publish” button. Sorry about that. ^_^


Author: Life of purpose

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