Hardships disguised as gifts

Pain and hardship touches everyone, no one is exempt from either one of them. We’ve all experienced pain and hardship at least once in our lifetime. Life many times deals us a blow or curve balls when we least expect. These uninvited guests are not planned nor welcomed.

We all work hard at creating life’s goals and plans, however i’m yet to meet one person who made plans to include pain and/or hardship in their yearly goals. Majority of us make plans to have emergency funds to help support financial emergencies that come to us however, not one person welcomes hardships willingly. I’ve learned that hardships rank high in life’s greatest teachers!

Many are the times we underestimate what these uninvited guests bring to the table. Often times we are quick to ask for the cup of hardship to be removed from our lives. We want life full of flowers in the garden with no weeds or thorns. We want a smooth sailing sea with no rough winds! We want the best jobs, businesses, promotions, riches and fame without hard work, problems, struggles or humility. We want life to be served on a platter that is presentable and perfect.

We’ll news flash….there comes a time in life when we all experience hardship! You see, hardships and suffering come wrapped as gifts to inspire us, propel us to the next level, show case innate skills, expose beliefs systems, patterns or limitations we’ve under appreciated or didn’t know we had. Woe unto us if we choose to be short sighted in life regarding hardships and pain.

Challenge: What is wrapped in the hardship gift you’ve experienced recently? What are some lessons learned from recent or past pain and hardship experiences?

So below is a link to a video clip by Tiffaney Malott forwarded by my friend Naomi. Tiffaney speaks about “overcoming life struggles in life” she speaks of pain experienced in a new light. She speaks of how she didn’t allow pain to slow her down or stop her from accomplishing her life’s dreams. Watch this video – How to overcome struggles in life – Tiffaney Malott

You see many times our hardships and pain propel us to the next level in life. Life is not perfect, things will work out in life just have faith in God.

 Faithful C. C 👥



Author: Life of purpose

Passionate and ablaze to create a better society for our Now and Tomorrow.😎

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