Lessons from Queen Esther 


Reserved , modest, quiet, humble, self-controlled and hidden. These adjectives probably don’t conjure up images of a person that could be considered as a hero. They don’t seem to describe the type of person who would put her life on the line for others, be a public figure and a person of control and power. But they are. These are the very words that describe Queen Esther, a woman whose body, mind, soul and actions affected reality and changed the world.

Esther was taken as the queen against her will. She was chosen for her exceptional beauty, and yet it was actually what the king didn’t see that attracted him to her.  The former queen, Vashti, was a woman who garnered her attention by displaying her body at royal gatherings. While her body itself was attractive, that was her only positive quality.

I believe the things that I have experienced in my life to been the most painful have turned out to be the very things that catapulted me into the very arms of God and have left me with a burning desire to share my experience, strength, and hope as a result. I have taken a lesson from Esther!

As a single woman whose external body is deemed attractive coupled with my quiet, reserved, modest and self- controlled personality.  I’m easily misjudged by others. At times, it’s the closest people in my life that feel the need to suggest ideas about my beauty and dating in this season. External pressures at times tend to have their tag and pull. However, as a child of the most-high God, I know that my identity and beauty comes from Him. My beauty is not a mere body for others to see and make judgement on, but one that represents God’s glory and faithfulness. I am driven to hide under the extravagant love of God, lavish love that can never be taken away.
Ironically, Vashti in many ways can be viewed as the modern-day woman. She was confident, attractive, outgoing, fearless and bold. She had no problem showing off her body to a room full of people. However, her goal was purely self-oriented. She cared for nothing other than her ego. This is why, as soon as her body didn’t look good, wasn’t attractive for a public viewing, only then did she hide resulting to her disobedience and thus her dethronement as queen.

As a modern day single Esther, your lessons should be ; I am purposely here for a reason, designed with specific innate gifts and talents only known to me and my creator. I am unique as a snowflake or fingerprint, always let me inner beauty shine. My body and beauty is designed for God’s glory and not for self ambitions. I am the best version of myself, a limited edition! God has me in this season for such a time as this, God’s divine timing is immaculate and always the best. Pleasing God brings God’s favor, I am to remain principled in every endeavor of my life. I am to never lose hope or be fearful, no matter how hopeless the situations may seem.
Faithful C. C👥


Author: Life of purpose

Passionate and ablaze to create a better society for our Now and Tomorrow.😎

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