Double Standards

Did your parents agree to our wedding?”
“Why not?”
“They were skeptical about the morals of a girl who was living in.”
“Didn’t you tell them you insisted?”
“Even if I did, it wouldn’t make any difference.”
“Why not?”
“How could you give in to my demands?”
“I love you. I cannot refuse you anything.”
“If you can’t stand up to me, how will you stand up to the world?”
“Don’t you love me?”
“I do.”
“I cannot go against my parents’ wishes.”
“If you cannot stand up to them, you don’t deserve to stand by my side.”
Charity begins at home, be loyal to your folks before pledging allegiance to the world.👌
Faithful C. C


Author: Life of purpose

Passionate and ablaze to create a better society for our Now and Tomorrow.😎

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